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Future candidates, how to submit an application(s) ?

By consulting the descriptions of our programs on our website, you will see that several options are available for you :
  1. You can register on-line by following the steps on the right.
    At the end of this stage, your account on the Candidate page will be activated.
  2. Be carefull 2 cases are possible depending on the program :
    • Download an application, print it, complete it, and send it to us by post with the required documents.
      The applications are downloadable on our website from the index which lists the access to our program index
      You will have to repeat this procedure for all the programs to which you are a candidate. Follow the progress of your application from your Candidate page.
    • Some programs at IAE Lille don't require a deposit for paper application files. For these programs, all the required documents have to be submitted at the time your Candidate account or from your account on the Candidate page.
  3. To apply to some IAE Lille programs, you should pass a test (SCORE IAE-Message). For further information, visit the website Score IAE-MESSAGE.
To begin your registration to IAE Lille programs, start with the pre-registration phase on the right side of this page.

Some tips :

  • Students who have other degrees than Bachelor – Master – PhD, should obligatorily ask for the validation of their degree or diploma at University Lille. The request for the validation of studies and the application procedure for a course in IAE Lille can be launched at the same time.
  • Students passing through the Campus France procedure still need to submit their documents on our web site during the enrolment period (from February to May). Your enrolment will be refused if you don’t submit the application both online and via Campus France
  • The University Lille provides you with a tool that helps you to be informed on your application, regardless of your status, degree or nationality. This tool is available here


If you are interested in a program, register by clicking here :
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2. Follow-up of the application
After your pre-registration log in to access your personal page :

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